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Human Rights


Human Rights in General

A strong majority believes in the idea of universal human rights. However, awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is low. A majority has positive perceptions of the human rights movement.

Human Rights and the UN System

An overwhelming majority believes protecting human rights should be a high priority for the UN system. A modest majority has supported the US ratifying UN human rights treaties, with a small minority opposed.

Promoting International Human Rights

A strong majority believes promoting human rights is an important priority for US foreign policy. The percentage saying it is very important rose at the end of the Cold War, then dropped sharply, and now has returned to the average level of previous decades. A very strong majority feels that--with the increased economic involvement that has come with globalization--the US should be more concerned with human rights in other countries. Majorities feel that promoting human rights serves US interests. Denying human rights is seen as leading to political instability.



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