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Family Planning Aid and UN Dues
The public is divided about funding international family planning organizations that discuss abortion with their clients; however, a strong majority opposes attaching to UN dues legislation an amendment with such restrictions.

American are divided on the question of whether the US should fund international family planning organizations that discuss the option of abortion with their clients. In April 1998 PIPA found 50% thought "the US should withhold US funds from family planning organizations that discuss abortion," while 45% thought it should not. [1]

However, a strong majority opposes making the payment of UN dues contingent on having such a policy. In the above-mentioned PIPA question, respondents who had said Congress should withhold funds (or "don't know") were told there was a good chance that if the restriction was added to the bill to pay US back dues to the UN, the bill would not pass. Twenty-four percent of the total sample shifted to rejecting the restriction, for a total of 74% opposed. [2] This very strong majority is quite similar to that found in August 1998 by Wirthlin Group, which asked:

…Congress has linked payment of UN back dues to a provision prohibiting American funding for any overseas family planning program whose staff promotes less restrictive abortion laws in that country. Do you think the payment of UN dues should or should not be linked to this abortion provision?

An overwhelming 80% said the two issues should not be linked; only a small minority of 17% supported the link between UN dues and abortion. [3]



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