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Importance of Africa

A strong majority believes Africa is important to the US and a strong plurality feels the US does not pay enough attention to the continent.

Trade With Africa

A solid majority supports lowering trade barriers with African countries. It appears that a majority would favor giving Africa preferential trade treatment as in the Africa trade bill.

Aid to Africa

Support for aid to Africa is high, appears to be growing, and is higher than for other regions.

  • Aid for HIV/AIDS Crisis in Africa
    A strong majority supports US aid to address the problem of HIV/AIDS in Africa. An overwhelming majority considers the crisis quite serious and believes that it will affect Americans, though the public is divided on whether it threatens US national security. About half of the public feels the US should do more to help, but strong majorities think other actors such as the Africans, pharmaceutical companies and the UN should do more. A majority feels the US should get involved in the problem of AIDS orphans.

  • Millennium Challenge Account
    Support for President Bush's proposed Millennium Challenge Account - which would result in increased aid to Africa as well as other regions - varies from about half to three quarters depending on how the question is framed, with support being higher in response to more information.

Humanitarian Military Intervention in Africa

A majority of Americans have supported contributing US troops to multilateral humanitarian military interventions in Africa.

  • Perceptions of Democracy in Africa
    Most Americans are not aware that democracy in Africa has grown over the least 10 years. A majority supports aid to help promote democracy in Africa.

Africa and the War on Terrorism

Most Americans see Africa as somewhat important to the war on terrorism and support the US providing money and technical assistance to African anti-terrorism efforts. There is modest support for increasing aid for democratization and poverty reduction in Africa as a way to address the root causes of terrorism.



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